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Introduction to Taurus - TAURUS commands a distinguished presence in the realm of Welding Accessories, encompassing an extensive spectrum of ARC, MIG, TIG, and Plasma products, along with their associated spares. This august establishment, founded in 1988, originally germinated as the Welding Division, culminating in the subsequent integration of the Taurus PPE Division in 2019. With a far-reaching global footprint spanning over five continents and enclaves across more than 30 nations, Taurus garners favor as the preferred choice for prominent OEMs. Remarkable strongholds include the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Poland, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, an array of Gulf countries, and other strategic outposts like South Africa, Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, and others.

History & Culture

Taurus's eminence within Welding Accessories is manifest in its multifaceted product line, encompassing ARC, MIG, TIG, and Plasma offerings. The annals of ingenuity bear testimony to products such as Electrode Holders, Earth Clamps, Ground Clamps, Cable Connectors, Machine Panel Plugs/Sockets, Chipping Hammers, and Electrode Quivers/Bench Ovens, each exemplifying Taurus's meticulous craftsmanship. This array confers upon patrons the privilege of sourcing an all-encompassing suite of superlative products from a single vantage point, embodying a marriage of fiscal prudence and operational dependability. The foundation of Taurus's renown is rooted in an unswerving commitment to delivering excellence in both products and services, adroitly maneuvering to satiate the burgeoning global appetite for pioneering and surgically precise Welding solutions. The nucleus of Taurus's ethos orbits around the zenith of customer contentment, perpetually attuned to the global pulse in order to augment and diversify our product portfolio.


Since our inception in 1988, we have embarked on a journey of resolute advancement, culminating in our present status as a distinguished professional manufacturer. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities stand as a testament to this progression, boasting an expansive expanse of 12,000 square meters, harmonizing with a capacious covered area of 60,000 square feet within the esteemed confines of the Noida Special Economic Zone (Works-I). Complementing this stronghold, a second bastion spanning 4,000 square meters, enshrouded by a cover spanning 30,000 square feet, resides within the same distinguished economic enclave (Works-II). The strategic geographical alignment of these facilities positions them within a concise 40-minute transit from the portals of the New Delhi International Airport, enhancing operational efficiency and accessibility.

Within our manufacturing ethos, the marriage of ingenuity and precision transpires within our well-appointed Engineering and Manufacturing department. This sanctum is enriched with in-house CAD/CAM facilities, a testament to our commitment to aligning our product design with the pinnacle of global standards for all Welding Accessories. Our production shop floor, a symphony of cutting-edge machinery, serves as the crucible for our creations. This ensemble comprises CNC turning centers, hydraulic Power Presses, Forging Presses, Traub Machines, Capstan lathes, and an array of automated drilling and tapping machines. This symposium of advanced technology synergizes to endow our products with unparalleled precision and accuracy, substantiating our unwavering commitment to quality.

Further amplifying our operational prowess, we host an in-house tool room, characterized by an arsenal of ultramodern machinery. Vertical Machining Centers, Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machines, Lathes, and an array of other equipment constitute this enclave, invigorating our capacity for innovation and affording us the capability to conceive and refine novel products and pioneering developments. This ecosystem of excellence, defined by meticulous planning, advanced machinery, and an unwavering dedication to precision, forms the bedrock of our manufacturing philosophy.

ARC Products

Taurus's ARC products offer precise control and efficiency in welding metals through the management of electric currents. These products merge advanced technology and thoughtful design, enabling welders to carry out their work with skillful precision.

MIG Products

MIG Welding, facilitated by Taurus's MIG products, involves joining metals using a blend of gases. Our MIG line embodies smart engineering and effective gas combinations, empowering welders to achieve seamless connections with ease.

TIG Products

TIG Welding, known for its precise outcomes, finds expression in Taurus's TIG product offerings. These products embody accuracy and finesse, providing welders with the tools to create high-quality welds using tungsten electrodes and inert gases.

Plasma Products

Taurus's Plasma product range serves Plasma Welding and Cutting applications, enabling controlled and precise material sculpting. These products utilize plasma's controlled energy to shape and cut materials accurately, even in demanding scenarios.

MIG, TIG & Plasma